Coby Laarakkers, BSc

Coby Laarakkers

Assay Innovation & Hepcidin Mass Spectrometry Assay

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Publications by Coby Laarakkers

Sustained plasma hepcidin suppression and iron elevation by Anticalin-derived hepcidin antagonist in cynomolgus monkey Hohlbaum AM, Gille H, Trentmann S, Kolodziejczyk M, Rattenstetter B, Laarakkers CM, Katzmann G, Christian HJ, Andersen N, Allersdorfer A, Olwill SA, Meibohm B, Audoly LP, Swinkels DW, van Swelm RPL. Br J Pharmacol 2018; 175(7):1054-1065
Factors influencing the post-exercise hepcidin-25 response in elite athletes Peeling P, McKay AKA, Pyne DB, Guelfi KJ, McCormick RH, Laarakkers CM, Swinkels DW, Garvican-Lewis LA, Ross MLR, Sharma AP, Leckey JJ, Burke LM. Eur J Appl Physiol 2017;117(6):1233-1239.
Disrupted iron regulation in the brain and periphery in cocaine addiction Ersche KD, Acosta-Cabronero J, Jones PS, Ziauddeen H, van Swelm RP, Laarakkers CM, Raha-Chowdhury R, Williams GB. Transl Psychiatry 2017;7(2):e1040.
Seven days of high carbohydrate ingestion does not attenuate post-exercise IL-6 and hepcidin levels Badenhorst CE, Dawson B, Cox GR, Sim M, Laarakkers CM, Swinkels DW, Peeling P. Eur J Appl Physiol 2016;116(9):1715-24.
Live high, train low - influence on resting and post-exercise hepcidin levels. Govus AD, Peeling P, Abbiss CR, Lawler NG, Swinkels DW, Laarakkers CM, Thompson KG, Peiffer JJ, Gore CJ, Garvican-Lewis LA. Scand J Med Sci Sports 2016.

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