"High quality analysis of hepcidin concentrations"

Prof. dr. Dorine Swinkels



About Hepcidin analysis

Mission Statement

Hepcidinanalysis.com is an initiative to serve the scientific, medical and pharmaceutical communities with high-quality hepcidin measurements to study the role of this peptide hormone in disorders of iron metabolism.



In 2005, we were the first to employ time-of-flight mass spectrometry to measure hepcidin in urine. We have continued to improve this assay towards a current quantitative assay to measure hepcidin in human serum and urine samples using an stable hepcidin-25 (+40) isotope as internal standard for quantification. In 2010, we have also developed and validated a competitive ELISA, that facilitates measurements for studies with large sample sizes. Using both assays, we have gained thorough expertise on biomedical and pre-analytical factors that influence hepcidin levels in clinical and biological samples and our assay has been used in several biomedical studies. We now coordinate the harmonization of hepcidin methods that are currently in use throughout the world.


Hepcidinanalysis.com is located within the Department of Laboratory Medicine of the Radboud university medical center. The team members have a broad expertise in iron metabolism, clinical chemistry, diagnostic medicine, biomedical sciences, molecular biology, mass spectrometry and biochemistry.

Hepcidinanalysis.com is part of the legal entity “UMC St Radboud Research B.V.”, which is listed in the Commercial Register of the Dutch Chamber of Commerce under file number 41055629.



Provisional standardization of hepcidin assays
Provisional standardization of hepcidin assays
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