Information about the request procedure

Hepcidinanalysis online Test Request

Price €150,- (excl. VAT); only applicable for human serum or plasma (individual samples)


  1. Fill-in Test Request Webform
    Only use coded patient information (eg.internal hospital code) as Sample ID to ensure privacy
  2. Your request will receive an Order#, which will be automatically returned by email together with:
    a. Purchase order (for order confirmation and indication of costs)
    b. Delivery Note / Sample identification sheet
  3. Repeat above for additional samples
    Each sample will be treated separately, but can be send-in together with even so many unique sample identification sheets
  4. Use upper half of the Delivery Note as shipment address to send-in sample. Place the bottom half (Sample Identification Form) inside the shipment box on top of the sample.
    • Supply 1 ml fresh serum/plasma in 2 ml polypropylene tube
    • Label tube with our Order# and your Sample ID
    • Store sample(s) at -80°C until shipment (avoid freeze-thaw cycles)
    • Send sample(s) on dry ice (~1 kg/24 h) by express mail; send email to with Order# and actual shipping date as dispatch notification
  5. An invoice will be send to you via email
  6. After receiving your sample(s), hepcidin quantification data will be returned by email within 15 working days

For research projects ( ≥10 samples), please contact us at to further specify your interest in our service


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