We offer quantitative serum/plasma and urine hepcidin measurements by two different methods:


1. A combination of weak cation exchange chromatography and time-of-flight mass spectrometry (WCX-TOF MS) using a hepcidin analogue as internal standard. This method allows discrimination between the four naturally occurring isoforms, hepcidin-20, -22, -24 and -25, which are the result from differential processing at the hepcidin amino-terminus. Importantly, only the 25 amino acid form can effectively block the iron transporter ferroportin and is referred to as “bioactive” hepcidin.

Characteristics WCX-TOF MS serum, plasma & urine hepcidin assay (download)


2. A competitive ELISA. This method measures the total of hepcidin isoforms and is especially appropriate for large sample numbers.

Characteristics c-ELISA vs WCX-TOF MS (download)